Mobile Press Screw Separator

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Biogas and Bio-Ethanol Plants, digestion plants:
– Solid-liquid separation before and after biological treatment

Solid-liquid separation of pig, cattle and poultry manure for:
– Volume reduction
– Odour Reduction
– Nutrient extraction
– Easier irrigation
– Reuse of solids for bedding
– Reuse of liquids for flushing
– Cleaning of lagoons
– Composting of solids
– Further slurry treatment possibilities
– Separation of pig manure, straw, sand, shavings
– Separation of rending products

FAN 3.2-780 Plug N’ Play
Full Road approval (ECWVTA) 
7m Discharge Conveyor -180degree slewing -Chevron Belt -Folds over for transport position- within road height limit