IMS equipment is used throughout the quarrying industry, either as independent processing plant or as an integral part of quarry installations supplied by multinational type organisations. It is not unusual to find IMS equipment working side by side with the leading brand names in the quarrying industry
IMS conveyors and screens can be used as standard type products or can be customised to suit a particular application or need


Tracked Conveyors

MC1050-16T, MC1050-20T, MC1050-24T, MC1050-30T

IMS Tracked Conveyors are working in quarries all over the world. The range can stockpile or transfer material at rates up to 1000tph. IMS Track Conveyors eliminate the need for wheel loaders on site resulting in massive savings in cost of production. They are also used to link crushing and screening systems together and can be integrated into the PLC system of any Quarry Processing Plant.

Wheel Radial Conveyors

MC750-12W, MC900-15W, MC1050-20W, MC1050-24W

IMS Wheel Radial Conveyors are adaptable and suitable for most quarry applications. They are generally used as stockpile conveyors and are available in many configurations. The available options include; Direct Hydraulic Coupling, Electric Drive, Diesel Hydraulic Drive, Electric Hydraulic Drive, Fixed Inclination, Manual Adjustable Inclination, Hydraulic Adjustable Inclination, Manual Radial facility, hydraulic powered radial facility.

Wheel Link Conveyors

LC800-15/30W, LC1000-15/40W, MC1200-15/50W

IMS Wheel Link Conveyors are the ideal solution to transfer material long distances in most quarry applications. Generally, they are electrically driven and can have fixed or adjustable inclination. They can be used as single units to link two processes in the quarry or can be used in a train to transport material long distances. The major benefits of Link Conveyor is the reduction in demand for Wheel Loaders and flexibility over Fixed Conveyors