Sand & Gravel

IMS equipment is used in the Sand & Gravel industry as a means of processing deposits very quickly and economically. The mobile screen range and both wheel and track stockpile conveyors enable processors to accumulate large stocks of processed material without the constraints of planning administration. IMS sand and gravel equipment is ideally suited to the contractor business or to the sand and gravel producers with a number of smaller deposits


Mobile Screens

MS841W, MS842W

IMS Mobile Screens are ideally suited to process sand and gravel in dry screening or rinser type applications. Depending on material configuration and screen mesh requirements, it is possible to process up to 300tph with these products. The mobility of these units leaves them very easy to transport between sites.

Wheel Radial Conveyors

MC750-12W, MC900-15W, MC1050-20W, MC1050-24W

IMS Wheel Radial Conveyors are ideally suited to work in conjunction with the Mobile Screen range to develop larger stockpiles of processed sand and gravel. These conveyors can be driven by direct hydraulic coupling or by their own independent drive system. Increased stockpile capacities can be facilitated by manual or powered radial options.

MC1050-16T, MC1050-20T, MC1050-24T, MC1050-30T

IMS Tracked Conveyors can be used either as feed units to the sand and gravel processing plants or alternatively as stockpiling conveyors for the processed material. The range can stockpile or transfer material at rates up to 1000tph. IMS Track Conveyors eliminate the need for wheel loaders on site resulting in massive savings in cost of production.